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View and consent to available scopes for Groupcall's XoD

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Any Admin users at your school can access this area by going to Admin > Settings > Data permissions.

This area allows you to manage your school's consent to the various Groupcall Xporter on Demand (XoD) 'scopes'. Scopes are a method of grouping data together; they give your school greater flexibility and control over the data you share with third parties.

When would I need to adjust our data permissions?

  • During the schools initial set up with Xporter on Demand (XoD)

  • When you adopt one of our bolt-on apps (e.g. Seating, Behaviour, Attendance Pro)

  • When we introduce new features which may require additional types of data to be imported

Viewing consented scopes

The 'Consented scopes' list shows you all the scopes you've authorised us to have access to through XoD.

Consenting to available scopes

On the 'Not consented scopes' section, you will see all of the scopes that your school is able to consent to. The list of available scopes will depend on the number of our products you use, and on whether you've previously consented for any.

You can deselect certain optional scopes (e.g Student Funding categories such as PP) if you would prefer to not share this type of data with us.

Add the contact details of the person at your school responsible for data control and who has permissions to authorise consent.

Click Send Invite; an automated Groupcall email will be triggered to this colleague with the authorisation steps they need to follow to extract data from your MIS.

Satchel only requests access to the data that is required for Satchel One apps to function properly, as per our Data Sharing Agreement with the school.

Removing consented scopes

If you wish to remove scopes that you've already consented to, you will need to go to Groupcall Manage and revoke access from the Show My Homework application. The scope list will then update when the next import takes place for your school.

Please note that removing a scope will not remove any data that had previously been imported while it was enabled; instead, it will guarantee that new data of that type will no longer be extracted from your MIS.

๐Ÿ’ก Please note: Removing any scopes will greatly impact your ability to use our service, so we would strongly advise against it.

Managing import settings

Underneath your scopes, you will see your Import Settings area.


This area allows you to specify which email addresses are imported into Satchel One from your MIS; please enter the school email domain(s) separated by commas.


If you have consented to import photos from your MIS, you will need to choose which school photos are displayed in Satchel One. Please use the drop-down list to choose from:

  • All users

  • Students

  • Staff

Click the 'Save changes' button to apply the changes to your import settings.

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