Assignments are the most common and widely-used exercise on Satchel One. It's a simple homework that can be handed in online or in class.

Title: First, enter the title for the homework. This will appear on the public calendar, as well as the students' personal calendars and To-Do List.

Describe the task for your students: Fill this box with the information the students need to know about the task. You can format your text using the available options. To upload resources, images or other attachments, scroll down to the Attachments area.

Subject: Select a subject for the assignment. This will help students locate their homework on the school calendar. It’s also important for reporting purposes. 

Class group(s): Select the class group your homework will be assigned to from the drop down menu. You can set homework to multiple classes in one go! You can also set homework to a class you are covering; simply search for it by name or click on Show other classes to view the full list.

Marking scheme: Choose a marking scheme from the drop down menu. This will allow you to grade the homework accordingly later. New marking schemes can be created by a school Admin. If you are an admin, learn how to create a new marking scheme here.

Issue and Due dates: The Issue date field allows you to set the date on which the task will first appear in the school calendar as well as the student and parent personal calendars. This allows you to set homework far in advance but prevents students from rushing ahead. The Due date field allows you to select the last day the task will be open for submissions.

How should students submit the task: Choose between:
→ Online submission (via Satchel One) - Get notified as soon as your students submit their work.
→ Class submission - Students will hand in homework in class.
→ Other - Choose from the list of other popular options. 

Estimated completion time: Indicate approximately how long the assignment should take to complete.

Attachments (optional): Add attachments to the assignment by dropping them on the upload area or by pressing the Upload from my computer button. Alternatively, store files on your My Drive in Satchel One for easy access from any device, or choose any of the other available options.

💡Top tip: Attachments appear on the public school calendar. When sharing sensitive information, please use the 🔒padlock to make your files only accessible by logged in users. 


Google and Office integration
If you use Google Apps or Office 365 at school, you can upload attachments directly from Google Drive or OneDrive in a single click.

Add web links by pasting the URL of the site you wish to use into the field below. We will embed these for you so your students won't be distracted by the irrelevant material.

When you have completed the form, press Publish assignment.

💡Top tip: Started an assignment but don't have time to finish? Save it as a draft to come back to it later. You can find it again in My Resources > My drafts.

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