Here are answers to some of our most frequently-asked questions by teachers.


I have created a homework and I can see it in my calendar, but it's not on the School calendar.

Please check your homework's issue date, as this is when the homework is made public on both the School calendar and your students' Personal calendars.

I want to edit or delete a homework, how do I do that?

You will only be able to edit or delete a homework task if it does not have any student submissions made to it. To edit or delete a homework with no student submissions, simply locate the task you wish to edit or delete by going to My classes, selecting the class and then clicking the Homework tab at the top of the page. Select the homework task and then click on Actions →  Edit homework or  Delete homework.

Can I set a spelling test in another language?

Yes. Spelling tests can currently be set in 6 languages: British English, American English, German, Spanish, French, and Welsh.

How many times can a student attempt a quiz?

Each student will have 3 attempts for each quiz they are assigned. The best of their scores will be displayed as their final grade for that quiz.

What order do the correct and incorrect answers appear in a quiz?

For the teacher, the correct answer will always appear at the top when viewing a quiz. For the student, the answers will be in a completely random order each time they attempt the quiz.

Can I change the order of questions in a quiz?

When creating a quiz, you are given the option to choose whether your questions are to be randomised each time a quiz attempt is made. Simply tick the relevant box. Please note that the questions will display in the same order as written for teachers when previewing the quiz.

What happens in the Gradebook when a student leaves the class?

If a student leaves the class but has been assigned homework, they will remain in the Gradebook for record keeping but will have a  against their name for subsequent homework. As you keep posting homework to a class, the student will eventually be removed from the default view, but you will still be able to see their grade when the Gradebook is exported.

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