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Student Gradebook

Your grades and scores in one place

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The Gradebook is where you can see your grades and submission statuses for your homework tasks.

Using the Gradebook

The Gradebook will display all your homework tasks by default. You can use either the Homework search bar or you can use the filters at the top to narrow down the homework tasks down by class, teacher, and submission status. 

Due date

Assignments are organised by due date. You can toggle the assignments to show in ascending or descending order. 


Click on the title of a homework task for more details about the assignment including the issue date, a description of the task, which teacher assigned it, and how you are supposed to submit it.


The submissions status indicates whether or not the assignment was completed and, if completed, whether it was completed on time or not. Quizzes, Spelling Tests and online submissions will be graded automatically; however, most assignments will rely on a teacher to grade them manually. This means it is possible to have a blank status for completed homework.


If a grade has been entered for a task, it will appear in the Grade column for the assignment.


Click on Results for more information about your grade and submission status or to see any comments left about your task by the teacher.

 Top tip: Need to ask a question about a piece of homework? You can leave a comment for your teacher by going to the Results tab of the task when logged into your student account.

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