Comments allow students to communicate with their teachers through Satchel One. Your teacher will be able to see the comments you leave for them and your teacher will be able to leave comments for you.

Although your parent will be able to see comments left by both of you, they will not be able to leave comments themselves. No other students will be able to see your comments. 

Leave a comment on the web browser

You can post comments on any task that has been set to you by your teachers.

You can locate the task you need by finding it on your To-do list, your calendar, your Gradebook or by searching for it by name in the top right-hand search bar.

Once you've selected the task you would like to comment on, click the Results tab. This is where you will see any comments, submission statuses and grades that have been recorded for this task.

Type into the text box to share a message with your teacher.

You can also choose to click 'Attach file' if you'd like to share something with your teacher without formally submitting your work. This is a great way to send a first draft before making your final submission!

Please note that the 'Attach file' feature is for the web browser only and is not currently available on the app.

When you're finished, click Post comment and your teacher will be notified of this comment or any attached files.

Leave a comment on the app

You can also leave a comment for your teacher on your Satchel One app by tapping the Comments tab at the top of your task screen.

Any comments left by you or your teacher will be visible here; you can add something new by typing at the bottom and tapping the 'Send' button.

How to read comments from your teacher

Web browser

When your teacher leaves a comment for you, you will be notified in your account. Click on the notification bell in the top-right of the page to view all of your notifications.

When you click on a comment notification, you will be taken to the Results tab of the relevant task where the comment left by your teacher is displayed. You can reply by simply adding another comment.

At any time you can return to a previous task and visit it's Results tab to see associated comments.

Mobile app

If you have push notifications enabled on the app, you will also be notified of teacher comments via push notification. Simply tap on the notification or view the 'Updates' area of the app to see the comment.

At any time you can return to a previous task and tab the Comments tab to see associated comments.

Deleting Comments

As a student, you are unable to delete comments you have left your teacher. If you made a mistake on a previous comment, you can leave another comment for your teacher with the correct information. 

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