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View the homework set by your teachers

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The student calendar is a fast and reliable way for you to find and keep track of your homework. You can access your personal student calendar by clicking the Homework calendar from the left-hand menu and selecting the My Calendar tab.

How to use the student calendar

Locating Homework

The default student calendar loads the current week's homework. From here, you will be able to search for homework by applying filters relating to date, teacher, subject, class, year group, and type of homework task.

If you need to locate homework issued or due on a date before or after the current week, please click the arrow buttons to navigate to another week. You can also use the date picker to locate homework from a specific date. Press Today to return to the current week. 

Homework Boxes

Homework assignments display as a box that is stretched from its issue date continuing through to its due date. The colours of the boxes correspond to the type of task you need to complete:

The colours will appear solid before the Homework reaches its due date. Once the due date has passed, the colour will appear faded.

The homework box will show the title of the homework, the class, subject, and teacher who set it. Click on the box in order to see the homework description and any attachments, if applicable.

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