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Stay in the loop with important dates

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Your school may choose to use Satchel One to alert you about important announcements and events. Your school can send notifications about announcements and events to individual classes, year groups, or the whole school. 

Viewing announcements and events

In your account

To check announcements and events online, log into your account and click Notice board on the left-hand menu. Notifications for any new announcements or events will also be displayed in the bell icon at the top-right of the page.

Announcements appear as blue dots on the Notice Board. Events appear as red dots. Click on the dot to read more information about the event. 

To view announcements and events for previous or future months use the arrow icons or use the date picker. Pressing This month will bring you back to the current month.

Via email or push notifications

You can receive the announcements directly to your email address or phone by managing your email and push notifications

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