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Taking quizzes as a student
Taking quizzes as a student

Take multiple choice quizzes online

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Your teacher can set you a multiple choice quiz for you to complete on either the Satchel One app or in your browser.

Taking a quiz

If you do not see the option Start quiz, then you may be accidentally logged into your parent's account. Quizzes can only be taken from your student account.

Taking the quiz on the app will be very similar to taking the quiz in your browser.  If you take a quiz in the browser, you will be able to practice sample questions by clicking Preview quiz. When you are ready, simply click Start quiz.

The quiz may have a time limit for the question or unlimited time to answer the question, depending on how your teacher created the quiz. The description of the quiz will inform you how long you have to complete every question.

You will be able to pick your answer from the list of options for each question. If your quiz is timed, there will be a Quiz Timer towards the top of the page to count down the time you have left to answer the question. If the time runs out before you make a choice, your answer will be marked as wrong and the answer options will appear in red. Click Continue to move onto the next question.

When you finish your results will be available immediately. If you don't receive 100% on your first attempt, you can have take the quiz again; you'll get 3 attempts at taking the quiz to improve your test score. You can click on View results for a handy breakdown of your attempts.

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