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Taking Spelling Tests as a student
Taking Spelling Tests as a student

Learn your spellings online - you have 3 lives!

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Your teacher can set you a spelling test for you to complete on your Satchel account, either in the browser or on the Show My Homework app. If you take the spelling test in the browser you will be able to practice sample words by clicking Practice test.  

Taking a spelling test 

 If you do not see the option Start spelling test, then you may be accidentally logged into your parent's account. Spelling tests can only be taken from your student account.

Taking a spelling test in the browser is very similar to taking a spelling test in the app. When you are ready, click on Start spelling test. The first word will be spoken out loud and you can click Play sound as many times as necessary as there is no time limit.

You will have 3 attempts for each word to complete the spelling accurately. On your third try you’ll see a hint, which will include a few letters to help you identify the word. In some cases, your teacher may have also provided you with a sentence for some context. In the app you can click on the information button to see this sentence.

When you finish your spelling test, you get your score right away. Just click on View results for a handy breakdown of your attempts along with the correct spellings.

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