Our Behaviour app lets you award or deduct points, and give badges as awards to your students.

Awarding Behaviour points

Use the search bar at the top right of your screen to locate a class. You can also find one of your class in My classes. 

Once you have found the class you need, from the tab options along the top of the page select Behaviour.

Select one or multiple students that you would like to assign points or badges.

To award Behaviour points, click on ➕or ➖just above the student list to give or deduct points accordingly. 

On the next screen, you will be able to choose a reason for your points from the drop-down menu. 

If your administrators have set up a behaviour policy, the points value for each reason will be displayed below the title. Selecting the reason will automatically assign these points to your selected students. Alternatively, you will be able to input the number of points you wish to issue on the next step. 

You can also click "skip reason" if you wish to not specify a reason, unless your school has behaviour writeback enabled (this is because reasons are required when writing information back to your MIS).

💡Note that if your administrator has pre-assigned a number of points for a reason you will not be able to change it. 

Select the number of points by using the arrows or by typing a number into the box.

💡Note for schools that have Behaviour writeback enabled: if your school has chosen to write behaviour information back to your MIS you will be able to change information/add additional details by clicking the link Click here to add more details. Specifically you will be able to change the date, add the subject and/or comments. This information will NOT be shared with students and/or parents, this is for internal use only.

Click Finish and you're done!

💡Note for Behaviour writeback: when deducting points you will also have to choose a status. This status comes from your school's MIS and will therefore vary from one school to another. It is used to provide the escalation status of an incident and is part of the required information we write back. Below is an example:

Issuing badges

To award a badge, click on ⭐. On the next screen, either scroll down the list or use the search bar to find a badge.

Click Award a badge and you're done!

Top tip: Your administrators can set up custom reasons, customise the badges and create a behaviour policy:

Viewing a student’s points

While on your Behaviour tab for a specific class, you can click on the points value to access any student's profile. Similarly, you can use the search bar at the top right of your screen to look up a student at any point. 

On the student profile you can see the most recent reasons for which the student received Behaviour points, the date the points were awarded along with the teacher who awarded the points.

Click through to the Reasons to see a full breakdown of points,  awards and reasons. This report can also be exported into Excel.

Teacher view

Parent & student view

Parents and students have access to the same dashboard to ensure everyone is kept up to date.

Behaviour report

If you need to access school-wide Behaviour information, visit  the Reports section and select the Behaviour report

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