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Common questions for parents
Common questions for parents

Frequently-asked questions about Satchel One for parents

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Here are some of our most frequently asked questions by parents.

What do I do if I have forgotten my password?

If you lose your password, don't worry! It can be easily recovered using your registered email address. Please follow the guide below to recover your password:

  1. Go to and click Forgot Password?

  2. Enter your email address in the box and click Reset password

  3.  A password reset email will be sent to your registered address. Follow the instructions to reset your login details.

If you are unable to recover your password, please contact the school who will be able to further assist.

Viewing the To-do list as a parent

When you log into your parental account, if you click on your child's name you will be automatically taken to their To-do-List. This will enable you to see what homework your child has been set, what they have completed, and what they have yet to complete.

The To-do List is divided into two tabs: Recent and Upcoming. On the Recent page, tasks with the nearest due dates will be displayed. On the Upcoming page, homework which is due further in the future will appear.

If you would like to view any overdue homework your child has, simply tick the box next to the search bar and all homework tasks past their submission due date will be shown.

How can I print my child's homework?

Click on the homework task you wish to print, then click on Actions and select Print homework in the drop-down menu.

A file will then download which will allow you to print out the description of your child's homework task.


What do the colours in the calendar mean?

What do the numbers on the homework tasks mean?

On the school homework calendar, you will notice that numbers appear in the top right corner of each homework task.

This simply tells you how many days are left until the task's due date. This helps you gather more information about the task at a moment's glance.

How do I view both my children from my parent account?

Log in to your parent account or sign up using one of the parent codes you received from the school. Next, go to Account Settings and use your additional parent code to link another student to your account. Please see our article on linking students for more information!

How do I delete a child from my parent account?

Parents are not able to remove students from their account. If you no longer want to have access to a child' Satchel One account, please contact the school directly. Alternatively, our Support team will be happy to assist.

How can I leave a comment to a teacher?

Currently, parents are not able to leave a comment to teachers using our platform. Although you are able to oversee any communication between your child and their teachers, you cannot leave a comment directly from your parent account.

How do I stop overdue notifications?

If you /your child are receiving these reminders, this may mean that the teacher has set homework that requires an online submission. Homework marked for online submission must have a submission on Satchel One, otherwise, you will be notified of any overdue homework until the student makes a submission.

If your child has already completed the task or is no longer required to do so, they can stop the reminders by locating the task and clicking on the Submit tab. They can submit their work in either the text box or by adding the document as an attachment. In some cases, they may have already handed in this homework, so to stop these overdue homework notifications, they can write a note to their teacher informing them that they have already handed in the homework in class.

Why are some tasks missing the 'Submit' option to hand in online?

Please note that unless the teacher has selected 'online submission' for a specific homework task, students will not be able to submit their homework in Satchel One.

If the teacher has asked for the homework to be handed in during class or on a different platform, the Submit option will not be available. You can find how your child is meant to submit his homework on the description box available in every homework task.

Why are some tasks not graded?

Tasks that students have to complete directly on the platform, such as Quizzes and Spelling tests, are marked automatically and their status (submitted, late, not submitted) and grade will be displayed as soon as it becomes available. For all other types of homework, we rely on the teachers to enter the status, comment and grade. Each school has its own policy for marking homework, so even though we provide the tool, they might choose to not use it. We'd encourage you to discuss this further with the school.

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