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Homework Discussion for Students
Homework Discussion for Students

View messages your teachers shared with the class and get help from your classmates

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Homework Discussion allows students to support one another and sparks conversation around tasks outside of class, perfect for remote learners or completing work after school. Your teachers can also use Discussion to send a message to the whole class.

You will still have the option to exchange one-to-one comments with your teacher when you need to ask for help privately. If you have a question that any of your classmates could answer, you can rely on Discussion! Some examples include:

  • Group projects that require collaboration

  • Participating in conversation around a task or lesson

  • Absent students who missed class can ask those in school for help or worksheets / other materials they might need

Homework Discussion is available for all task types. To share a message or file to your classmates and teachers, simply visit the Discussion on the website:

Or on the mobile app:

Who can view and post messages in Discussion?

Any student that was assigned this task will be able to view and participate in the Discussion. Just like with private comments, parents/guardians are also able to see the discussion but they are not able to contribute.

Also, all teachers can participate in the Discussion, even if they don't teach this particular group.

How do I get notified about new messages in Discussion?

You can choose from email, app, and browser notifications for new messages left by teachers but not from other students, to avoid creating too much noise. You can, of course, see all messages (including those from your classmates) when you visit the Discussion tab.

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