Sharing Video Links on Satchel One

How to safely and securely share video conferencing links

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There are various ways in which you can share video links with your students via Satchel One so that they can take part in remote learning, but it's important be mindful of security. Please take a look at some of the suggestions below.

Share the link securely via the Timetables app

Only available for schools using the Timetables app

The most secure way to share live video links with students is by pasting the meeting link directly into a lesson on the Timetable. This link will be visible to all students when they visit their own Timetable, allowing them to click on it straight away and join the meeting.

  • Go to 'Timetable'

  • Click on your chosen lesson

  • Paste your meeting link into the 'Enter your link here' box and press ENTER

  • Your link will be embedded into the staff and student timetable for this lesson

  • This link will not be visible to anybody other that staff and students viewing this timetabled lesson

Via the 'Add web/video conference links' area

If you have a meeting link which is secured by other means i.e. password protected or managed by privacy controls through the conferencing provider, you may wish to simply share the meeting link directly in the web link area of a task.

If the meeting is password protected, you might like to then share the password with students directly via the comments area, ensuring that this information is not shared publicly.

You can select an individual, multiselect more than one or click 'Select all' and then choose to add a comment.

Via comments on the 'Assess' page

If you want to share a video conferencing link with one of more specific students in a class without including others, it would be best to share the link via a comment on the 'Assess' page.

You can select an individual, multiselect more than one or click 'Select all' and then choose to add a comment.

You could then share the link and the password with them.

Via the Discussion area

If you'd like to share a meeting details with a whole class and then have some open dialogue, you could share a meeting link in the 'Discussion' tab of any published task.

This will allow the details to be seen by all members of the class, who can then respond and engage in group dialogue. This can be a really useful way of distributing class-wide information quickly and easily.

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