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Viewing a colleague's Seating plan
Viewing a colleague's Seating plan

Any staff member can access, export and duplicate a colleague's plan

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Locating the correct plan

Staff can visit any class's 'Seating' area by going to 'My Classes' and selecting 'Manage Class' on the appropriate group.

If you're looking for a class you don't usually teach, you can find it by typing the class name into the 'Search for students and classes' bar at the top right of the screen.

Click on the 'Seating' tab.

You will initially see any plans that you have previously created for this class. If this is a class you don't normally teach, this will likely be blank.
If you open the drop down filter highlighted below, you can search for plans made by a specific colleague or press the 'x' to clear this filter and see every plan created for this class by all staff.

Viewing a plan

Once you've located the correct plan created by a colleague (you can use the search bar to help with this), you can click on 'View plan' and see all plan details as if it were your own.

If you are an Admin user, you will be able to click 'Edit plan' to make changes to a colleague's Seating plan.

If your school uses Satchel One's Welfare Notes, you will be able to export the plan and include all shared notes written about students in this class as well as any unshared notes that your colleague has written on this seating plan.

Duplicating a plan

You can also click 'Duplicate' if you'd like to use a colleague's plan as a template when creating your own.

Give the plan a new title and select which class group you'd like to use this plan as a template for; then click 'Done'.

If you are duplicating this plan to use with the same class group, all desks and students will be duplicated.

If you are duplicating this plan to use with a different class group, all desks will be duplicated however students will not be included.

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