Welfare Notes will help you ensure that every teacher at your school has access to important student welfare information.

Creating a new note

New notes can be created through the student profile or through the notes area of a seating plan.

To create a new note click the green 'Create note' button in the top right of your screen. In the box that appears you can write the note which you wish to add to this student's profile. Each note has a limit of 1000 characters. 

💡Top tip: If you feel that the note you have written will be useful to other teachers at your school you can click the 'share' toggle to make this as a shared note. 

Once you've finished writing your note click the green save button in the bottom right to continue and you will see your newly created note added to the top of the student's profile. 

This note will also be accessible through any of your seating plans that contain this student.

Using shared notes 

You can share a note you've previously created by clicking the 'share' toggle in the bottom left of the note. A shared note will be visible to any teacher at your school when they are on that student's profile. 

When a note is shared a notification will be sent to all teachers of the student in question, both via email and through the Satchel One notification area (bell icon).

Once a note has been shared you will be able to see the number of teachers (apart from yourself) that have viewed this note. You can also click this link to list the name of each teacher that has viewed the note. This is a handy way to confirm that your note has reached the right individuals within your school.

When new unread shared notes are available, there will be an indicator on this student's seating plans to prompt their teachers to check for updates.

Adding attachments

You can add an attachment whilst creating or editing a note by clicking the 'Attach file' link at the bottom of the description.

Once uploaded, attachments can be viewed by clicking the paper clip icon in the footer of the note. 

Each note can have a maximum of three attachments. You can remove previously added attachments by editing the note and clicking the bin icon next to the attachment you want to remove.

Summarising Welfare Notes

You can download a summary of all Welfare Notes for an individual by clicking the 'PDF' button when looking at their notes.

💡 Top tip: Teachers can edit and delete their own Welfare Notes. Admin users can edit and delete any shared Welfare Notes, regardless of who they were written by.

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