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Using Sanctions as a Behaviour Manager
Using Sanctions as a Behaviour Manager

Learn how to view, approve and delete Sanction recommendations

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Main Role: Behaviour Manager

We recommend that you use the role of 'Behaviour Manager' in Satchel One to ensure you're notified when a new Sanction is recommended.

Viewing Sanction Alerts

If you are using the role of 'Behaviour Manager' in Satchel One, you will receive notifications when a student has met the rules of a Sanction.

This will come in the form of an email and / or a web browser notification, depending on your notification preferences.

To see all Sanction notifications in Satchel One, please go to the notification bell and click 'View all notifications'. Use the filter at the top of the page to select 'Sanctions' thereby refining your view. You can click the hyperlink in a notification to jump straight to the Sanctions dashboard and take action.

Managing Sanction Recommendations

To view Sanction recommendations, click Behaviour on your navigation panel and then select the 'Sanctions' tab.

On this dashboard, you'll see every student who has met the criteria for a Sanction with the surrounding details.

The 'Actions' column allows you to simply 'Approve' or 'Delete' each Sanction and have them be instantly set without further intervention.

Clicking the green tick to 'approve' a Sanction recommendation will action this automatically, causing a green banner to appear confirming that the action has been taken. You can click 'View' on the banner to see the sanction that's been created and adjust any details as necessary.

If you approve a Detention via the Sanctions app, it will try to book the student into the next available slot for the specific Detention type.

If the student already has a scheduled detention for that time, you will be given an error message and asked to choose a different date / time. Please adjust the form and save your changes to proceed with the Sanction.

You may also get this message if there is information missing from the Detention type.

Integrations with other apps:

  • If you use our Welfare Notes app, you can click on a student's avatar to read their Welfare Notes. If there is a new shared note that you have not read yet, there will be a flashing icon over the avatar. Any important updates may affect whether you approve or delete a Sanction recommendation.

  • If you use our Guardian Contact Details feature, you will be able to click 'View contacts' under each student in order to contact home. This may be necessary prior to actioning a Sanction recommendation.

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