Reports are used to track Satchel One usage and performance across your school. There is a wide variety of reports to fit your needs, accessible by all staff.

School Overview

The School Overview Report allows you to monitor the quantity, as well as the type, of tasks being set across the entire school. You can filter the results by teacher, subject class or year group.

Homework Frequency

The Homework Frequency Report enables you to observe trends in the quantity of homework set week by week. The   date picker means that you can look at different periods of time across the calendar. 

Issued Homework

A teacher-specific report which allows you to monitor the amount (and type) of tasks issued to the school. Again, you can filter the results to a more specific department, teacher, class or year group.

Student Submissions

This is a student-specific report which can be used to track student progress, monitor their submissions and if they are handed in on time.

Parents’ Evening

This report is designed to make  parents’ evenings effortless and trouble-free. It generates an overview of a student's homework history and their grades. The report can be generated for a whole class in one go rather than having to do it for each individual student, helping to prioritise teachers' valuable time.

User Activity

The User Activity Report is a handy tool that tracks the activity of teachers, students, and parents on our platform. Use this report to check when users last logged into the site in order to monitor and improve user engagement.

Tutors' Report

This report is a useful way to keep up-to-date with your tutor group's performance by generating a list of issued and outstanding work. 

Behaviour Report

If your school subscribes to our Behaviour app, you can track the positive and negative points, as well as badges awarded to students. You can also monitor the Behaviour points and badges distribution per teacher to ensure adherence to your school's Behaviour policy and see a full log of all the behaviour events at your school.

Attendance Report

If your school subscribes to our Attendance app, you will be able to track your students attendance rate, punctuality, unauthorised absences and other important details straight in Satchel One. 

Detentions Report
If your school subscribes to our Detentions app, you can use our report to monitor all detentions given across the whole school. This report will also show the Attendance status which you might find helpful for escalation purposes. 

Seating Report

If you school subscribes to the seating app, you can use this report to monitor the coverage of seating plans across the school. The seating report also allows you to export all plans for year or student.

💡Top tip: Schedule your reports to make tracking and monitoring homework easier than ever before.

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