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Submitting my work online
Submitting my work online

Learn to send your work to your teacher remotely

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As a student you are able to submit your Assignments and Classwork online instead of giving it to your teacher in school - as long as your teacher requests an online submission via SMHW.

Web Browser

Mobile App

Web Browser

Finding the Submit tab

When a teacher requests an online submission via SMHW, you will see:

  • A Submit tab at the top of your task

  • The phrase '... would like you to hand in this homework online via Show My Homework' in your 'Other information' area

Preparing my submission

To submit your work, you should first click on the Submit tab.

Uploading an attachment

If you have done your work and saved it as a file on your device or on a cloud based storage system i.e. Google Drive / OneDrive, you can simply click the 'Add attachments' button and upload your file(s).

💡 If you upload a Google Drive / OneDrive document, your teacher will be able to annotate directly onto your work!


Write your work and submit it as a PDF

You can use our inbuilt word processor to write an essay style response to your teacher without needing to attach a file.

There are a range of formatting options available to you so that you can create a high quality piece of work.

For larger writing exercises, click the full screen button highlighted below.

💡 This is different from sending a comment to your teacher; if you'd like to send a comment, please go to the Results tab. Learn more about leaving comments for your teacher here.

Submitting my work

Click Submit assignment to teacher to send your work.

If you need to, you can add further submissions for this task by returning to the Submit tab and clicking 'Submit another'.

Saving my work as a draft

If you are using the inbuilt word processor to create your submission, you can save your progress as a draft at any time by clicking the 'Save as draft & continue later' button at the bottom of the page.

To continue with your work, simply return to the Submit tab of this task and carry on.

Mobile App

Finding tasks that require online submission

When you open a task in the app, you may see a large green 'Submit homework' button at the bottom of the screen; this means that your teacher has requested that you submit your work online via SMHW.

You will also see the phrase '... would like you to hand in this homework online via Show My Homework' in your 'Other information' area.

Submitting my work

Tap on the Submit homework button at the bottom of the screen.

Select the location for the file you'd like to upload, e.g. your 'Photos' gallery, a file stored on your device, Google Drive / OneDrive etc. You can also tap 'Camera' and take a photo straight away!

Choose the correct file and then tap Upload.

That's it! Your work will be sent to your teacher who can then provide feedback.

If you need to send a comment to your teacher, navigate to the 'Comments' tab at the top of your task page. Learn more about leaving a comment for your teachers.

💡 We have created a guide to help students with distance learning through Show My Homework on Satchel One. Download guide.




Why is there not a Submit option on my task?

Only Assignments and Classwork tasks can have the 'Submit' option, although your teacher may also have chosen not to request an online submission. Always check the 'Other information' area of your task to see how your teacher would like you to submit your work.

My teacher has requested online submission but I can't see the Submit option.

If you know that the task should be submitted online but can't see this option, you may be logged in on a Parent account accidentally. Please log out and log back in with your student account so that you can submit your work!

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