You can view your overdue homework tasks online or via the Satchel One app.

When is a homework task considered overdue?

You will see overdue homework when:

  1.  A teacher has marked your assignment as not completed
  2. A quiz, spelling test, or online submission that you have not completed before the due date

Viewing overdue homework 


Any homework that you have not yet ticked off or submitted will appear under the Past due heading on your To-do list

 On the app

In the app, any overdue homework will appear in the Overdue tab on the To-do list.

Overdue homework notifications

If you have email notifications enabled, you may receive overdue homework reminders.

If you are receiving these reminders, this may mean that your teacher has set a homework that requires an online submission. Homework marked for online submission must have a submission on Satchel One, otherwise you will be notified of your overdue homework until you make a submission.
You can stop the reminders by locating your task and clicking on the Submit tab. You can submit your work in either the text box or by adding your document as an attachment. In some cases, you may have already handed in this homework in class, so to stop these overdue homework notifications, you can write a note to your teacher informing them that you have already handed in the homework in class.

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