The importing of Assessment data from your MIS allows staff to surface attainment aspects within the Satchel One student list and Seating plans.

Consenting to Assessment data

Ensure that you visit Admin > Settings > Data Permissions and consent to 'Assessment Results'.

Learn more about Data Permissions.

How do I export Assessment IDs from SIMS?

It is possible to create a report in SIMS to view your aspect IDs.

In SIMS, please navigate to Reports > Design new report where you can choose the relevant area, likely to be called Aspects or Assessment and add the two fields we ask for.

The two fields are Aspect name and Aspect ID as shown at the screenshots below.

Importing Assessment data (Admin)

Once you have created your report in SIMS, return to Satchel One and visit Admin > Settings > Assessment.

Here you will see any previously imported Assessment aspects with the options to edit or delete them. Should you wish to delete multiple aspects at once, you can use the tick boxes to the left of each aspect and then click the blue 'Actions' button at the top of the page; this will give you the option to 'Delete'.

If you'd like to import new aspects, click the 'Update aspects' button at the top right of the page. This will provide instructions on how to proceed.

Click the 'download our CSV template' hyperlink and input your aspect information you've exported in your SIMS report.

When you've done this, save your CSV and click the green 'Upload CSV' button. Upload your file to complete this process; all aspects will now become available to staff using Satchel One.

Viewing Assessment data in the Student list

When you visit a class's 'Student list' tab, you will find a 'Layout options' button allowing you to adjust your view.

Tick 'Assessment'.

You'll then be presented with a side menu allowing you to select which assessment aspects you'd like to see for your students. You can select up to four aspects to view at any one time.

The key at the top of the Assessments menu will allow you to see which colours correspond with each aspect.

When you've selected the aspects you want, click 'Done'.

Should you ever wish to change the aspects you're surfacing for your student group, you can click the settings cog icon at the top right of your student list and click 'Assessment'. This will reopen the menu and allow you to adjust your data.

Viewing Assessment data in Seating plans

Schools using our Seating app can also add assessment results on their plans.

When editing your plan, click the 'Additional options' button and tick 'Assessment'. Again, the side menu will open allowing you to tick any aspects you'd like to view on this particular plan.

If you'd like to, you can choose to include this data if you export your plan to PDF.

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