Attendance Basic

Surface high level attendance and punctuality data from your MIS.

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What is Attendance Basic?

The Attendance Basic module will allow you to display and access high level attendance and punctuality data for your students which has been imported from your school's MIS into Satchel One.

Kindly note, with Attendance Basic, no attendance marks can be entered via the Satchel One platform or written back to your school’s MIS. The Attendance Pro module can help you with that.

Attendance Report

The Attendance Report displays high level data about the school-wide attendance, punctuality and absence rates. Please note, data in this report is reset at the start of each academic year.

Here you can also view individual student data based on any filters you’ve applied.

Attendance Groups

Attendance Groups are personalised percentage groups. These can be set up in the Admin settings, please see more information on setting these groups up here.

These specific bands of attendance data can then be viewed on the Attendance Report and be used as filters to narrow down the data you are reviewing.

What can parents and students see?

Students and parents can view the attendance and punctuality data directly from the Satchel One app.

💡 Please note, the above can only be found on the app for students and parents.

How are the Attendance percentages calculated?

The attendance percentage for each student is based on the marks we receive for them from your school’s MIS. It is calculated by multiplying the student's number of Present marks by 100 and dividing the result with the marks the student would have, had they attended all lessons minus the actual marks the student has.

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