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Learn more about when data is imported from your MIS into Satchel One

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Import times

Satchel One can sync with your MIS in order to obtain and surface data on a regular basis. Some data types import more regularly than others.

You can check the table below for more information on when these respective imports take place.

Data type

Import time(s)

Main (users* / classes / year groups / inclusion data)

4am for XoD / 5am for Wonde / * 2am for RM imports (Scotland)


6am - 9am - 10am - 12pm - 3pm - 6pm


7am - 9am - 1pm - 2pm - 4pm

Behaviour (Behaviour points logged in MIS, updates to reasons / point values)




Documents ****


(Manual Documents available - please contact us for more information)

* Please note that any changes to names, staff roles and / or email addresses made in your MIS will not be automatically reflected in Satchel One. Click here to learn more about this.

** Please avoid changing Timetables during the school day where possible.

Please also be aware that cover lessons managed by the SIMS Cover app / alternative provision sessions managed via Nova T-6 will not be shown in Satchel One.

*** Please ensure that if you're using Attendance Pro, all present and historical marks are logged in Satchel One to avoid data conflicts. For more information on how to use Attendance Pro successfully, please click here.

**** Same-day changes are not available for Documents as data is uploaded from your MIS to XoD overnight. Any new 'Linked Documents' created in your MIS will be accessible via Satchel One the next day, allowing you to perform Document imports as needed.

Concerned about imports?

If you are concerned that your data is not importing correctly, please do reach out to us using the blue chat bubble within Satchel One; we'd be glad to help.

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