This article is designed to explain the key principles of Attendance Pro, helping to ensure you have all of the underpinning knowledge you need prior to launch. We recommend that all Attendance Officers read this as a refresher of good practice when managing attendance on Satchel One.

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The importance of recording marks in Satchel One

For schools using Attendance Pro on Satchel One, a school-wide adoption is essential in order to avoid data conflicts and confusion.

When a register is taken in Satchel One, it will write back to your MIS almost instantly, ensuring that you have accurate data in both locations.

However, when a register is taken in your MIS, it will only import this data back into Satchel One at very specific times of the day: 7am, 10am, 2pm, 3pm and 6pm.

This means that if you were to take a register on your MIS at 9am, it would not appear in Satchel One until 10am, leaving an hour where the register would appear blank in Satchel One.

The risk is that, during this time, staff could mark the seemingly missing register in Satchel One and thereby overwrite the mark that was originally logged in your MIS.
Wherever you most recently updated the attendance mark, that is what will override any previous recordings.

To summarise, it's crucial that all registers are marked in Satchel One in order to preserve data integrity and for all features to function as expected.

Using third party software to manage Attendance

You may be using third party software e.g. SIMS InTouch / SchoolComms / Truancy Call / WeDuc to communicate with parents / guardians about student absence. If parent / guardian responses are received through your third party software and then written directly into your MIS, this will cause data conflicts when using Satchel’s Attendance Pro.

This is because Satchel One only imports data from your MIS at specific times (6am, 10am, 2pm, 3pm, 6pm), therefore any marks logged in the MIS in between these times would not appear in Satchel One until the next import time. A teacher taking their register on Satchel One would see a blank space, which they may then fill with a new mark, overwriting the mark originally entered in the MIS.


  • Parent informs the school via InTouch that their child is ‘Ill’ today

  • The Attendance Officer imports this straight into their MIS at 8am

  • Because this mark has been logged in the MIS, it will not be visible in Satchel One until the next import (10am)

  • As staff can’t see this mark yet in Satchel One, they may log an ‘N’ mark instead as they do not know why the student is absent

  • The ‘N’ mark they record in Satchel One would then overwrite the original ‘Ill’ mark that was put in the MIS, causing data conflicts and confusion

Therefore it is imperative that any parent / guardian responses received through any third party software are manually logged directly into Satchel One, not written back to the MIS.

This can be done quickly and easily via the ‘Daily Absences’ or ‘Students’ tabs in the Attendance area.

Similarly, if using Inventry to record and update student attendance throughout the day, these marks can be viewed in Inventry but must not be written back to your MIS. Instead, they can be collected in Inventry and then manually written into Satchel One in order to maintain accurate records throughout the day.

By logging all marks in Satchel One directly, you ensure that staff have real time Attendance data at their fingertips and this is all written back to your MIS almost instantly.

Marking attendance for the future

The only time it's necessary to take a register in your MIS is if you're marking attendance for a future date; this is because in Satchel One attendance can only be taken for today or historical dates.

If marking a register for the future in your MIS, you can rest assured that this will import across to Satchel One when the date in question arrives. The register in Satchel will already have the mark saved and accounted for as it was prepopulated in your MIS and there will be no data conflict.

Linked lessons / sessions

You may have set up lessons / sessions in your MIS that are linked, so when you mark a register for one, it automatically copies across and populates the other register i.e. Period 1 populates AM reg / Period 5 populates PM reg.

At present, if you mark a register for a linked lesson in Satchel One, it will not automatically copy across and populate the other lesson / session within Satchel.

It will, however, write this mark back to your MIS as expected and, once there, it will copy across to the other as expected, provided you have established the correct setup in your MIS.

💡 IMPORTANT: It's important to remember that Satchel does not receive attendance data from your MIS instantly, therefore your linked lesson will appear blank in Satchel One until the next MIS import time (7am, 10am, 2pm, 3pm and 6pm). At this point, you should see your linked lesson / session populated as expected ✔️

Alternative curriculum / cover lessons

Attendance Pro will sync with the core Timetable only; adjustments made outside of this structure (i.e. SIMS Cover App / alternative curriculum via Nova T-6) will not be reflected in Satchel One.

Additional information

  • By default, all attendance codes will be available for staff in Satchel One, even if they are marked as 'inactive' in your MIS. If you have any codes you'd like to be omitted from Satchel One, please let us know during your rollout call.

  • Due to a Groupcall specification, it is not currently possible to overwrite a 'legitimate' mark i.e. present / ill / holiday etc. with an 'N'; this will trigger a writeback failure because a seemingly genuine mark is being overwritten by a more ambiguous alternative. Should you need to apply an 'N' mark instead of an authorised mark for any reason, please do this in your MIS.

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