Email Verification for Parents / Guardians

Understand our newly implemented email verification flow for Parent accounts

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We have implemented an email verification system for parent / guardian accounts on Satchel One; this is to improve security and GDPR practices, minimise potential data breaches and ensure that only verified parents and guardians gain access to student data.

For more information on how the email verification process looks for new parents / guardians signing up for the first time, please click here.

What correspondence do parents / guardians receive?

For existing parent users who have previously accessed Satchel One, they will have received an email message from asking them to verify their account.

What if parents / guardians delete their verification email?

Not a problem! As above, users can simply click the 'Re-send' button when accessing their temporarily limited account.

What do parents / guardians need to do?

For security reasons, parents / guardians will need to complete the email verification process before 31st October.

The only way to verify a parent / guardian account is to follow the specific link in their verification email and complete the login process; logging in elsewhere will not verify the account successfully.


If an existing parent / guardian account is not verified before 31st October, it will automatically be deleted. If this happens, parents can simply create a new account using a Parent Code. Please don't worry if a parent account is deleted; no data will be lost and all historical student information will be accessible once the account is remade.

On the web browser, users will see this screen:

If using the mobile app, users will see this message:

What if parents / guardians no longer have access to their original email address?

Users can log into their limited access account and change their email address, save the changes and then click the 'Re-send' button in the yellow banner above. They can then continue with the email verification process as normal.

Supporting parents / guardians with their verification

If you're assisting a parent / guardian who is struggling to verify their account, please share the below guidance with them:

'After following the link in your verification email, you’ll be taken to a unique login page. You must log in on this specific page in order to verify your account; logging in elsewhere or simply following the link will not verify your account.

Please ensure you are using an email and password to log in when verifying; logging in via Google or Office 365 will not verify your account.

If you are experiencing any further issues, please reach out to Satchel One here and they will be happy to help.'

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