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Answering frequently-asked-questions about the MIS data extract

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Here are some of our most frequently asked questions regarding the data extract.

I've made a change in the MIS, when will it appear in Satchel One?

Any changes made in your MIS system can take up to 24 hours to be reflected on Satchel One. If the changes you have made in your MIS have not appeared on Satchel One within 24 hours, please get in touch with us directly.

Student leavers are still showing in Satchel One, why?

Leavers are automatically removed from Satchel One after 90 days of inactivity. To ensure GDPR compliance, please remove users who have left by going to Admin > Manage users. We encourage admins to delete leaver accounts as soon as possible to ensure GDPR compliance. You can do this via Admin → Manage users

⚠️ Please take extra care and make sure the Leavers you delete are correct, as the deletions are irreversible.

Student accounts are missing, why?

We create accounts based on the details we receive from your MIS. To create a student's account they'd need to be marked as On Roll/Current with a valid Start date in your MIS.

💡 Additional fields (optional): UPN, email, and preferred Forename/Surname.

If your MIS supports Preadmission groups, preadmission students will also be created.

Why haven't student emails been imported?

Student emails will be automatically imported into their Satchel One accounts only when the student has a Work email address in the MIS.

Changes to email addresses will only update in Satchel One if the record has been previously blank, i.e. if the user did not have an email on their Satchel One account and their MIS record has been updated with an email address.

If you change email domains and wish to update your records en masse, an admin can download the XLS file found in Admin > Manage users, update it and upload it back to our platform.

💡 Please check that the email domains you'd like to be synced to Satchel One are added in Admin > Settings > Data permissions under the Import Settings.

Staff/Teacher accounts are missing, why?

We create accounts based on the details we receive from your MIS. To create a staff account, they'd need to be marked as Current with a valid Start/Employment date in your MIS.

⚠️Temporary or Future staff will not be imported.

Why are teachers' classes missing?

We link teachers to classes based on the Role they have for them in your MIS. "Supervisors" will not be linked to the classes to avoid overcrowding their My Classes list.

Why are old classes still showing in My Classes?

As our priority is the preservation of data, we do not remove class-teacher links within the same academic year. This is to ensure that each teacher continues to have access to their Gradebook for any given class they have taught that year, as well as to preserve student submissions. This should not prove to be inconvenient, as teachers can simply favourite their current classes to bring them to the top of their My Classes. Or, when setting homework, they can begin typing the name of the class they wish to set homework for, and the class groups drop-down list will filter accordingly. Teacher class lists will be refreshed at the start of the new academic year.

Can we integrate our Single Sign-On with Satchel One?

Satchel One integrates with several Single Sign-On options: RM Unify, Active Directory, Google Single Sign On, and Office 365. You can enable or manage integrations via Admin → Settings → Single Sign-on.

We already have Groupcall Xporter, do we still need to run the installation instructions for Satchel One?

If you already use Xporter and XoD for other services, the only thing you need to do is consent for our application to have access to your data. Go to Admin→ Settings→ Data permissions, fill out the form and click Send to receive a Groupcall's email with the next steps to consent to our scopes.

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