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Finding my tasks on Satchel One
Finding my tasks on Satchel One

There are a number of ways you can find your tasks on Satchel One

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There are various methods that you can use to find your tasks on Satchel One.

Web Browser

Mobile App

Web Browser

To-do list

Your To-do list will show you all your assigned tasks - past, present and upcoming!

In the browser, your tasks will be divided between two tabs: Issued and Completed.

You can search for tasks and tick them off when they're done! Click the title of any task to see more information.


You can click the 'Calendar' button on your navigation panel to see a visual layout of all of your tasks, stretched across days and weeks!

My Calendar

You'll first arrive on the My Calendar tab, showing you only the tasks that have been assigned to you.

School Calendar

You can also click on the 'School Calendar' tab to view every task that has been set across the school. You can use the filters provided or click 'Show all' instead to see everything!

The Gradebook

The Gradebook allows you to view every task you've ever been assigned, complete with any submission statuses and grades.

Mobile App

To-do list

When you log into the mobile app, you will automatically arrive on the To-do list.

If you ever need to return to the To-do list from a different area of the app, please open the menu and select the SMHW button.

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