SEEMiS: New academic year planning 2024/25

Step by step instructions to help you prepare for the next academic year with Glow and Click+Go

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We've put together step by step instructions to help you prepare for the new academic year.

Sync your data for 2024/25 from SEEMiS to Glow

In order for your academic year data to show in Satchel One, your SEEMiS administrators must ensure the data has been synced to Glow. 

As soon as your new academic year changes have been applied in SEEMiS, you can follow this user guide to sync that data to Glow:

You can do this in as many phases as you like, e.g. once in May and again in August when you have finalised your sets. Users, Year groups, Registration groups and Classes will need to be synced separately. You can repeat this process as often as necessary. Your local authority will be able to assist with this process.

When to use Refresh next year VS Refresh current

The Current Year runs from August - July. If you'd like to sync your planned lessons for 2024/25 in May, you would want to use the Refresh Next Year button in Glow.

SEEMiS will archive the old academic year and promote the new one automatically over the summer, usually in July. Your local authority should know the exact date. 

At that point 2024/25 will become the Current Session. To sync your new class changes in August, you will need to use the Refresh Current  button in Glow. 

⚠️Important: Be careful not to use "Refresh Next Year" after the rollover in the summer as you will inadvertently taint your Glow data feed with 2024/25 data. Only use "Refresh Current" from August onwards.

Colour Key:

Green A:  “Add to Glow”. You've requested this class to be added to the Glow data feed

Grey P:  "Pending". The classes previously in green are now in the process of being synced to Glow

Black: No outstanding actions. These classes are either already in Glow or have not been synced yet.

💡Top tip: To select all class groups, this icon under each Year Group: 

Remove leavers

Users that have left the school do not get automatically removed from Satchel One.
To ensure GDPR compliance, please make sure to delete the accounts of the users as soon as they are marked as leavers.

Manage user passwords

Existing students and teachers can carry on using their usual credentials. This means if they use their RM Unify credentials to log in, they can simply click the RM Unify button and enter their RM Unify details. The new intake will automatically be able to log in this way as soon as their accounts are imported from Glow.

If you don't have an RM Unify integration yet and would be interested in setting it up, you can enable it in your admin settings: Set up RM Unify single sign-on.

If students and staff do not use RM Unify to sign into Satchel One, it is easy to send them a password link as an administrator. This step works for both existing and new users so you only have to do this once! 

Go to Admin → Manage users:

  1. Starting with Students, click on the checkbox in the top left corner to select all users on this page.

  2. Next, in the yellow banner click on 'Select all' to include every student across all pages.

  3. Then click on Actions > Send password link. 

You can do the same for teachers, staff members, and the parents who have already registered with us.

💡Top tip: Missing student or teacher emails? Click the Update emails button to fill them in.

Invite new parents

S1 students and new starters can only be synced to Glow on their official start date. Once the new students have been successfully updated in Glow, they will each get a parent code that allows you to create up to 5 parent/guardian accounts. 

To distribute the parent codes you have a few options:

  • Ask the students to share the codes with their parents.
    A student can go to Account settings to view their parent code at home. Parents can use this code to create an account.

  • Print login slips.
    Once schools have re-opened, you can hand out the letters to the students to take home. 

  • Use our mail merge file.
    Export the codes in an XLS and combine them with data from SEEMiS that includes the parents' email addresses to distribute them digitally. Alternatively, combine with house addresses to email the letters home. 




What is RM Unify Single Sign-on?

Most schools in Scotland use RM Unify with their Glow email addresses. This allows them to login to Satchel One without setting up a new username and password.
If you don't have this integration yet and would be interested in setting it up, you can enable it in your admin settings: Set up RM Unify single sign-on.

We have synced our SEEMiS data to Glow, but a user or class is missing.

Please ensure that any users or classes that are not in Satchel One yet appear in the Glow data feed in black text. Follow the sync steps again to sync new classes.

How can we create new accounts for staff, students and parents?

Staff and student accounts will be automatically generated once they have been successfully linked to Glow, as per the instructions above. There's no further action you need to take!

Parents will sign up when they receive their codes as we don't export their details from Glow. Students can supply parents with their code which they can see in their account settings. Alternatively, you can distribute physical or digital letters to parents with their details. Find out more.

When will classes for the new academic year be available?

As soon as you have uploaded them to Glow. You can choose whether you want to Refresh the Current session to sync 24/25 data or Next session to sync planned lessons. Please don't select Next once you've rolled over to the new academic year. More information can be found on SEEMIS' Glow data feed user guide.

How often do you import data from Glow?

We usually run data imports once a day. However, during August/September, we aim to run our data imports more often. Any data that you successfully add to Glow (i.e. appears in black text) should be imported to our platform shortly after.

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