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Once the new academic year starts, the existing classes and gradebooks will be archived. Teachers who wish to keep a copy of their marks for the new year will need to do so before the end of the academic year.

Please read more here on keeping your tasks and marks before the rollover.


Your school's Seating plans are linked to the classes for the current academic year. Once you have your rollover, the Seating plans you’ve previously created will be archived with your old groups.

💡 Top tip: An admin can create Seating templates that get carried over and allow teachers to quickly make new plans every year.

All teachers will then need to do is populate new students to the plan!


New lessons will show once your new classes for the academic year appear. This typically happens on the first day of lessons.

⚠️ Note: Depending on the dates in your MIS, lessons may appear in the final week of August.


The count of points and badges for the previous academic year will be reset. That way students can start the new year with a clean slate.

💡 Top tip: You can still see the breakdown of points from the previous Academic years and access more information in the Reports if needed.


Your school’s Detention types will be carried over to the next academic year so no additional prep is needed.

You will also be able to view any current or upcoming Detentions and take attendance at any time.

Welfare Notes

All Welfare Notes made will carry over in the New academic year.

💡 Top tip: Make sure to add any new information for the new academic year that might be useful for staff.

You can also attach any files should you need to add any medical updates, provision maps, and more.


When the new academic year begins, the attendance and punctuation statistics will be reset. New data will be imported as soon as it becomes available.

Attendance Pro

You will be able to take attendance once your classes and registration groups for the new academic year appear in Satchel One. This should happen automatically on the first day of lessons.

💡 Top tip: Make sure to select your Attendance Officer in Manage users so they can stay on top of any issues with truancy notifications!

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